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Kakashi tries to discourage Sasuke from the path of vengeance he's on, which Sasuke laughs at, having grown tired of people trying to change his mind, and then shouts he will only stop if his clan is brought back to him. These shortcomings are either minimised or eliminated once he becomes able to enter the cursed seal's second state: a transformation that turns his skin grey, lengthens his hair, and causes him to develop wings. Tobi escapes the flames and marvels at the lengths Itachi would go through to protect Sasuke. Orochimaru starts imprisoning Sasuke within his own subconscious, but Sasuke reverses the process with Demonic Illusion: Shackling Stakes Technique , imprisoning Orochimaru in Sasuke's subconscious instead. Storm clouds gather and lightning brews, allowing Sasuke to attack Itachi with Kirin. Because he has business elsewhere, Itachi doesn't stop to talk, but he does field some of Sasuke's questions: Itachi has been brought back with the Impure World Reincarnation ; he spared Sasuke all those years ago because Sasuke was only a child, innocent of the rest of the Uchiha's conspiracies against Konoha; he pushed Sasuke onto a path of vengeance because he regretted killing their family and wanted Sasuke to hold him accountable for his actions; the criminal activities Sasuke has been involved in since his death are not what Itachi wanted, as he wished for Sasuke to be regarded as a hero for killing him. Itachi also explained to them that, if Sasuke ever stopped by, it would be because he had died, so they share their condolences. He is persuaded to allow them to try again after lunch, but instructs Sasuke and Sakura not to feed Naruto. As they start fighting, Sasuke once again refuses to listen to Kakashi about giving up his revenge and says he wants to hear their screams and anguish for laughing at Itachi's sacrifice, and also states that Kakashi's Sharingan is yet another example of Konoha profiting on the Uchiha's downfall.

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Kakashi tried to help Sasuke realise the contradiction in his viewpoint: he is driven to gain power because he lost his family, yet sacrifices the family he still has Team 7 in order to gain that power, which did have a profound impact on Sasuke and would have turned him away from the path of darkness had he not been influenced by the Sound Four. Desperate to become stronger than Itachi, Sasuke decides to take the Sound Four up on the offer and leaves during the night. In the anime, following the war, Sasuke is kept in the custody of the Konoha Torture and Interrogation Force , until his fate is decided. A few days later, Team 7 attends the Third Hokage 's funeral. Sasuke hurries back to Naruto and uses his Susanoo to shield him, Sakura, and Kakashi from the Infinite Tsukuyomi's effects. Frustrated that her attempt to separate them failed, Kaguya shifts to a dimension with powerful gravity, immobilising them while she kills them with her All-Killing Ash Bones. Susanoo continues to protect Itachi, but it degrades as he labours near and Itachi starts coughing up blood. Nah itulah kumpulan gambar, foto dan wallpaper Sasuke Uchiha, salah satu karakter terkeren dalam anime Naruto. After defeating hundreds of Otogakure forces in a training match without receiving a scratch and without killing his opponents, Sasuke decides there's nothing else he can learn from Orochimaru.

Sasuke is saved by the timely arrival of Naruto and Sakura, sent by Kakashi to provide assistance. At the same time, he regrets not having been a more attentive father to his daughter, having missed out on much of her childhood and by extension not knowing much about her, showing a noticeably unsure side when trying to be close with Sarada. As he questions who the boy is, the child retreats, which prompts Sasuke to send a message by hawk to Naruto to inform him of the encounter, and to ask for a meeting with him at Ridge Tower. Sasuke is saddened by this confirmation that Itachi was a good person. As they near exhaustion, Naruto musters what little chakra he can, which Sasuke immediately absorbs. He spent the first few days after the massacre wandering his family's compound, reflecting on the people who were now gone, killed by Itachi. Unable to read the scroll with his Rinnegan, Sasuke takes it back to Konoha to have it deciphered. He, therefore, uses his Sharingan to mimic the pencil movements of other examinees.

Orochimaru, sensing Sasuke's desperation, calls out to him from within his subconscious, promising to help him if Sasuke lets him out. As they do so, Sasuke talks about how he and Naruto have come to understand each other's feelings and pain, and he finally understands why Naruto never gave up on him. Sensing her, Sasuke grabs her by the throat, takes her kunai, and tries to kill her, but she is rescued by Naruto, who is intent on stopping the fighting. Sasuke wanders the dunes, finding the spot where Naruto's chakra signature is strongest.


Kakashi tries to discourage Sasuke from the path of vengeance he's on, which Sasuke laughs at, having grown tired of people trying to change his mind, and then shouts he will only stop if his clan is brought back to him. Sasuke vanishes afterwards, lingering only long enough to note to Kakashi that Sasuke himself is the only one who can protect the village when Naruto is away. Although he fulfills Itachi's wish for him to protect Konoha, doing this from the shadows and investigating the mysteries of Kaguya leave him unable to spend time with his family, to the point of even failing to recognise his daughter, Sarada. Gaara shares his own experiences with loneliness and vengeance and how he came to decide that they were not worthwhile pursuits.

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  • In truth, Haku only struck Sasuke's vital points to put him in a temporary death-like state, so he wakes up a short time later.
  • With the exception of Naruto, all of Sasuke's former comrades are confused and suspicious of his sudden arrival and demand an explanation.
  • His most consistent physical display is his speed, and by extension his reaction time: Haku remarks on how impressive Sasuke is in both regards during their battle.
  • However, Sasuke has other things he'd like to do first: he starts by placing the tailed beasts under his control with a genjutsu, traps them with Chibaku Tensei, and promises to release the Infinite Tsukuyomi only after he has killed the current Kage.
  • Deidara takes to the air with a C2 dragon and Tobi plants explosive mines underground, cutting off Sasuke's escape.
  • However, Sasuke has other things he'd like to do first: he starts by placing the tailed beasts under his control with a genjutsu, traps them with Chibaku Tensei, and promises to release the Infinite Tsukuyomi only after he has killed the current Kage.
  • Ia pun menjadi satu-satunya keluarga Uchiha yang tersisa.

He has shown tactical sense in teamwork, able to instantly understand an ally's battle plan with little communication and act accordingly to make it successful. Sasuke is saved at the last moment by Tobi, who sends him to Kamui's Dimension to keep him safe; he also sends Karin with him to revitalise him. Sasuke first awakened his Sharingan on the night of the Uchiha Clan Downfall , though he isn't able to do so again until several years later, at the start of Part I. Berikut adalah gambar gambar Sasuke lewat hasil karya para fans dengan pensil di atas kertas. In combat, he usually remains on the offensive, rarely pausing in his attacks or falling back to regroup. Dalam cerita Naruto, Sasuke diperkenalkan sebagai shinobi muda berbakat dari klan Uchiha. On entering the Konoha Ninja Academy , Sasuke proved to be the standout of his class, consistently getting top grades.

Upon fending him off, Sasuke discovers the assailant to be a young boy with the Sharingan, and whose clothes bear the Uchiha crest. For a time, Sasuke accepts this, experiencing it first-hand on several of Team 7's missions. Sasuke sempat balas dendam kepada Itachi yang membantai klannya, namun setelah tahu alasannya, ia jadi bersimpati pada kakaknya. Awalnya Sasuke ingin balas dendam pada Itachi yang membantai semua anggota klan Uchiha. Naruto disagrees, thinking he has more in common with Sasuke, but retracts and says Boruto isn't like him either. Naruto starts attacking him, ready to take him back to Konoha by force if necessary. Sakura asks what is happening but Sasuke tells her and then Kakashi they don't need to know because there is nothing they can do and assumes leadership of Team 7 because he believes only he can stop the Infinite Tsukuyomi with his Rinnegan. Maka waktu sekarang ini banyak pemakai layanan internet ini yang kerap kali mencari wallpaper di media sosial google, dengan model layar Smartphone yang lumayan lebar jauh beda dibandingkan dengan teknologi Hp produksi sebelumnya. Sasuke also goes on to tell Naruto that he couldn't simply break their bond by killing him and he only spared Naruto's life from their first fight on a whim but intends to kill him for real this time.

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Sek Tante Cantik Koleksi foto sasuke uchiha Kalau yang ini adalah gambar lukisan Sasuke yang sudah diwarnai dan dihias. Kakashi stops him and offers to deal with Obito himself, sending Sasuke to help Naruto deal with Madara, who was fighting the First Hokage.
Ngentot Di Dalam Bus Koleksi foto sasuke uchiha He then leaves without even saying hello to his friends. Sasuke claims that he's already more powerful because he can feel Itachi.

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