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Shikamaru x ino

by Kizilkree
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Team Ten has discovered that life always goes on, but when they are assigned a mission that challenges everything they thought they knew, the bindings of their team come loose. Shikamaru, Temari and Chouji in 4th Division. When Shikamaru came home from work and learned about it, despite Temari's attempts to make him scold their son as well, he took the news of Shikadai's school punishment indifferently, viewing it as yet another learning curve for him. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Uchiha Itachi than he led on. Lee and Tenten arrive, on duty to show them around the village. Tsunade interrupts with news that the team will make full recoveries, that Naruto has been found alive, and that Sasuke escaped. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Untie me'

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Gengo lures Shikamaru in a dark room, both so he can't use his shadows and for his hearing to become more sensitive, and more vulnerable to Gengo's jutsu. T for language. But what did I give her? Say Sorry! When Temari learned that Shikamaru sent Team 10 to retrieve the two genin before they were branded missing-nin, she confronted her husband about such a decision, not liking the idea of putting their son in such a difficult situation with his best friend. On Christmas Eve, he decided to approach her.

Shikamaru, Temari and Chouji in 4th Division. InoShika centric, with a little SasuSaku. He apologizes profusely, and Temari remarks that she hopes those feelings are true, because that day will never come back again. While Shikadai insisted he was unintentionally caught in Boruto Uzumaki 's antics, Temari gave him a serious scolding for being involved at all, noting that it was unmanly to not take responsibility. When Shikadai comes home, Temari is unsatisfied by Shikadai's informal greeting to Gaara and scolds Shikadai for his unsatisfactory greeting. Senbazuru by Yugao reviews They folded a thousand paper cranes. He had fallen asleep the moment he came back from work late at night - he missed his bath, forgot to eat the dinner his wife cooked for him, and has a massive headache from his excessive drinking. Don't smirk at me, you jerk! Temari would remind Shikamaru to take his job as commander seriously, and also not to let down his father, whom she respected.

And two purple dresses. Poor, poor Shikamaru Roses For You by MyFallenAngel reviews [ ShikaIno ] Valentine's Day is here, and what will this two people with completely different personalities do in the most romantic day ever? Shikamaru decides to get Naruto and Hinata romantic honeymoon trip for their wedding. Tuesdays, as in Team Ten by nazzy and jerkez reviews Shikamaru remembers getting drunk, passing out and kissing his teammate.


In the Japanese version of Shikamaru's line, it is implied that Shikamaru is unsure as to whether marriage is too troublesome. Ino has Little does she know that with her cleaning activity, she would uncover little discoveries about him and his dreams. Ino tells Sakura that Shikamaru and Temari are always together and she can tell they are in love.

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  • Although this means the mission failed, both Tsunade and Shikamaru are glad that everyone survived, Shikamaru even tearfully vowing to do better next time.
  • Ino and Sakura talk about how their friends are beginning to find love.
  • So why is Sakura so worried, Shikamaru so angry, and Chouji so oblivious?
  • Tayuya is crushed beneath the fallen trees and killing her.
  • Later, Boruto and Sarada left to find their team-mate despite orders.
  • Shikamaru puts his hands on her face, worried she's sick because of how red it is, causing her to run away.
  • Later, when Shikamaru starts acting strangely, Temari tries getting more information out of him, but when he evades her questions, she slaps him in a fit of anger.

Ino wants nothing more than to be the model teacher, retire and live a quiet life. Was it really though? Probably not, though. What's on Your Neck?

She might as well kiss it all good bye. Shikamaru is happy with his decision but will need a woman's input to help him plan something suitable. Temari quickly destroys Tayuya's flute, forcing her to retreat into the forest. Back in the Sand Village, Temari receives permission from Gaara to personally investigate Shikamaru's mission, as she suspects him to be in danger. Shikamaru and Ino navigate grief, friendship, betrayal, and their feelings for each other beneath Jashin's all-seeing eye as Hidan's return shakes Team Ten to its core. Love is Troublesome: Shikamaru x Ino. Years later, Shikamaru and Temari are married and revealed to have a son named Shikadai Nara. In the midst of careful consideration, Temari and Shikamaru are trying to find a date for their wedding that will appease both sides.

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