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Manda uses his dying breath to curse Sasuke. Because he can't use chakra without the cursed seal activating, Sasuke is forced to only use taijutsu, something that proves difficult when Yoroi absorbs his chakra whenever he gets close. As time went on, Itachi started becoming distant with and cold towards their family, culminating in a falling out with much of the Uchiha clan on their suspicion that he'd killed his best friend, Shisui Uchiha. From listening to them, particularly the First Hokage , Sasuke decides that Konoha is worth protecting, as its destruction would only nullify everything that Itachi did in his life. Leading up to and during his battle with Itachi, he replaces this top with a sleeveless dark grey shirt and the arm guards with bandages on his wrists. Tobi offers to help Taka destroy Konoha, but in exchange first asks that they help Akatsuki by going to Kumogakure to capture the Eight-Tails. Annoyed, Sasuke attacks him. Sasuke's Sharingan is especially potent, as Orochimaru noted that despite not being fully developed at the time, it was even stronger and greater in clarity than Itachi's.

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Sasuke maintains contact with Sai when Konoha is attacked and discovers the origins of the Dark Thunder Group. Naruto ultimately defeats Gaara, but he's not able to move. By the time Sasuke catches up with him, Gaara is already in the process of transforming into Shukaku. There, he is shortly afterwards found by Obito and Sakura, who with considerable effort are able to briefly open a portal between dimensions. During his travelling, he receives a message from Kakashi regarding the disappearances of Konoha, Kumo, and Kiri shinobi and Sasuke agrees to investigate. After acquiring it, he was able to repeatedly use its powers against Kabuto, Obito, Madara, and Kaguya with no signs of exhaustion.

Under the cursed seal's influence, Sasuke attacks Zaku and breaks both of his arms. Disapproving of Tobi and Kabuto's war against the nations, Sasuke is angry for being used and manipulated all along. Lee's speed and taijutsu skills impress Sasuke enough to use his Sharingan in their fight. Orochimaru points to their recent successes against Akatsuki , the organisation that Itachi belongs to, and explains that letting them live may further weaken Akatsuki, thereby making it easier to kill Itachi. They travel to another hideout to recruit Karin , and release the prisoners kept there so that she won't have other commitments. Sasuke leads Hebi towards Itachi's location. Sasuke decided to do what Itachi had instructed and dedicated his life to vengeance, having no other interest than bringing about Itachi's death. Itachi removes the cursed seal from Sasuke's body during Part II, preventing him from using it again. With two scrolls, Team 7 is able to advance to the preliminary round.

Sasuke ends up mimicking the portion of Rock Lee's Front Lotus that he saw a few days earlier, inventing the Lion Combo to defeat Yoroi. He heads towards the battlefield and allows the Hokage to accompany. Sasuke, again reminded of the relationship between Itachi and himself, agrees. Sasuke uses his speed to attack Gaara from multiple angles in a short time, leaving his Shield of Sand unable to block everything. According to Hashirama Senju , Sasuke bears a strong resemblance to Izuna Uchiha : [20] he has black eyes and spiky black hair with a blue tint. Sakura offers to come with him, but he declines, explaining that his journey is also one of atonement and that she has no part in that. When the opportunity presents itself, Itachi allows Kabuto to take Sasuke's sword again, which Itachi once again takes back and uses to cut off the tip of the same horn.


Storm clouds gather and lightning brews, allowing Sasuke to attack Itachi with Kirin. Orochimaru is impressed by Sasuke and brands him with a Cursed Seal of Heaven to reward him before leaving. Naruto arrives to help but, unaware of how Haku's mirrors work, joins Sasuke within the prison. Gaara surrounds himself with his sand so that Sasuke won't bother him while he prepares for the fight. The Raikage's lightning-augmented psychical attacks prove similarly formidable, and it is only by manifesting an underdeveloped Susanoo that Sasuke survives the Raikage's Liger Bomb. Sai tries to engage Sasuke by discussing Naruto, prompting Sasuke to knock him over with killing intent. Sasuke shields Naruto from Haku's attack with his own body; when Naruto asks him why, Sasuke claims his body acted on its own.

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  • He pulls the scalpels out of her arm and burns them with Amaterasu before asking her if she can heal herself now.
  • Before the fight can continue, however, a genjutsu descends on the stadium.
  • Sasuke's hair has hung over his face as bangs since he was a child, which as he gets older he allows to grow longer and, in turn, cover more of his face.
  • Shikamaru Nara briefly restrains Kinshiki and Momoshiki, allowing Sasuke to tell Naruto what the scroll said: that Kinshiki and Momoshiki harvest planets' chakra in order to prolong their lives and that Kaguya was building a White Zetsu Army to prepare for their inevitable invasion.
  • This works and the Kage are freed, but an earlier injury prevents Naruto from fighting.
  • Despite this, his actions have the tendency to pay off, earning praise for his analytical skills from Minato Namikaze and Madara Uchiha.
  • Wallpaper berikut cocok digunakan sebagai wallpaper desktop komputer atau screensaver handphone.

The hideout is destroyed and Sasuke briefly believes he has won, only for Itachi to reveal that he has survived thanks to his Susanoo. Sasuke finally admits defeat, as he's come to accept that Naruto is just as vital to him as he is to Naruto. By adulthood, Sasuke is capable of using his Lightning Release to further augment his speed during the battle, to the point it matches Kinshiki 's speed. Kakashi arrives and deflects their attacks into opposing water towers before they can clash. Sasuke leaves, jealous of Naruto's development. He, therefore, uses his Sharingan to mimic the pencil movements of other examinees. Years later at the time Naruto became Hokage, Sasuke was investigating Kaguya within her sand dimension. By the next day, Sasuke is tired of waiting and removes the bandages anyway, killing White Zetsu with his Susanoo in order to test his new powers. Sasuke locates the inn where Naruto is staying shortly after Itachi does the same. Main article: Fated Battle Between Brothers.

Before he chooses which side to take in the conflict, he wants to know more about what Konoha is and also what it was intended to be, which may in turn help him understand the sacrifices Itachi made when he was alive. Although he often did this without being seen, he often left subtle hints that he was responsible. Both went to sleep again because of exhaustion. Kakashi reminds Sasuke that, no matter how painful the losses of the past are, it would be worse to lose the friends he still has.

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Naruto Hintai Komik Foto kartun ngentot Having exhausted all of his chakra reserves and having none left to suppress Orochimaru, he emerges from Sasuke's body, attacking Itachi with his Eight Branches Technique.
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Ngentot Dengan Tetangga Foto sasuke sex Rather than poke Sasuke's head as he always did, Itachi rests his forehead on Sasuke's and tells Sasuke that he will love him no matter what choice he makes; his soul then departs to the Pure Land.
Sasuke Romantis Foto sasuke sex Its evolutions are often marked by moments of intense hatred. On seeing it, Sasuke remarks that Boruto's Rasengan is quite small, which Boruto wrongly believes to mean he's been rejected, causing him to subsequently run off.

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